Corral de la Moreria

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Corral de la Moreria is probably one of the most famous Tablao Flamenco place in the world.  Corral de la Moreria has been open for more than half a century within the historic-quarter of the city of Madrid; next to the Royal Palace.  One of the great things about this venue is that there are expert professionals in the art of Flamenco selecting and filtering from all over Spain the best singers, dancers, guitarist, etc. that Flamenco has to offer. Corral de la Moreria is open almost every day of the year and there are two seating-times for dinner or flamenco show on the same night (please check their web-page for schedule details).  You can make your reservation over the Internet and it works quite well.  Usually with a week ahead it is fine to make your reservations.  You can choose only to go for the show and drinks; or also have dinner before and during the show.  Recently...

The Church of San Nicolás de los Servitas

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Right in the middle of medieval Madrid is located the oldest church in the city: The Church of San Nicolás de los Servitas (or Church of San Nicolas de Bari).  The Bell-Tower is what interest people the most, since it was built on top of an Arab minaret of an old Muslim mosque.  If you look carefully at the top of the tower you can notice that there were several architectural styles and the lower part is of a Moorish descent.  This site is definitely for old-architectural lovers or history connoisseurs.  I also enjoy arriving to the church and walking through its tight and old-fashion streets.  The streets surrounding the church are excellent for writers and photographers looking for interesting stories…                                      ...

Temple of Debod – Egypt in Madrid?

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If you like ancient Egyptian architecture, it´s your lucky day. The Temple of Debod (in spanish: “Templo de Debod”) is one the few buildings that can be seen outside Egypt.  It´s located on top of a small hill very near (10min. walk from) Madrid center and it’s surrounded by a beautiful park.  Inside the main building of the temple there is a small museum which is interesting to see and its free.  Up in the hill, there are no food or beverage vendors so make sure you take what you need.  The best time to go visit the site is late afternoon because the sunset views are magnificent.  Behind the Temple there is a small viewpoint area which you get excellent views of the Royal Palace of Madrid and its surroundings.  Overall, it’s a very romantic site and an excellent way to finish a day-trip in Madrid.                        ...