Salamanca is one of the 21 districts that Madrid has and it’s divided into 7 wards: Castellana, Fuente del Berro, Goya, Guindalera, Lista, Parque de las Avenidas, and Recoletos. Salamanca district is pretty young for Madrid, it has no more than 150 years since it was planned and built. Therefore, its architecture and urban design will be very pleasant to your eyes. It is impossible to take enough pictures and comment about this neighborhood in only one post. Hence, you will see plenty of new posts on things located in this beautiful district.

Salamanca district these days is probably most famous for its shopping. There are several different areas within the neighborhood that have great shopping. Probably the most famous luxury shopping area will be the Golden Mile. However, Goya, Serrano, Claudio Coello and Lagasca Street have also plenty of stores and brands to choose from. Some of the shopping streets are more specialized than others; for example: Goya Street is known for its shoe stores and Serrano more for jewellery, etc…

Salamanca is also home to some of the best restaurants in the city. You can probably eat not only Spanish specialties but also a good number of international cuisines. I enjoy walking around its wards and stopping by for a quick drink and a tapa. Furthermore, there are many embassies in the neighborhood and offices of important international companies. You will be very lucky if you get a job in the district since it’s well communicated and you have all sorts of services at your disposal.

In terms of going out or partying, in the Salamanca district, you can find the most expensive bars and discos in the city. It all depends on what you feel like when you go out and how much you are willing to pay. For the most part, the party scene at Barrio Salamanca is for the adult crowd but that does not mean that it’s not lots of fun. Safety is not an issue when you go out at night in this part of the city and Spaniards in general, party (very late at night) until early morning hours.

Hope you enjoy Salamanca district in Madrid and I will try to show you the neighborhood through many more posts (with pictures) in the future…



Plaza del Marques de Salamanca Square - Madrid Salamanca District -



Sign of Marques de Salamanca Square - Madrid Salamanca District -



Corner Building - Madrid Salamanca District -



Marques de Salamanca Building - Madrid Salamanca District -



AF Store building - Madrid Salamanca District -



AF Store Lamps - Madrid Salamanca District -



Corner House - Madrid Salamanca District -



Palm Tree - Madrid Salamanca District -



Traffic Light - Madrid Salamanca District -



Velazquez Street - Madrid Salamanca District -



Once Building - Madrid Salamanca District -



Once Building Lamp - Madrid Salamanca District -



Typical Facade - Madrid Salamanca District -



Typical Facades - Madrid Salamanca District -



Corner Building in Serrano - Madrid Salamanca District -


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