Spanish Resources for Adults, Young Adults, Kids, and Toddlers.

Helpful Books & Workbooks

English Grammar for Students of Spanish
Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar
Practice Makes Perfect: Irregular Verbs
Practice Makes Perfect: Sentence Builder
Practice Makes Perfect: Verb Tenses
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Kids / Raising Children Bilingual

Basho and Friends – Music videos for kids, songs, etc.
Bilingual Avenue – How to raise bilingual children, tips, etc.
Calico Spanish – Videos for young kids, songs, etc.
El mejor libro de palabras de Richard Scarry – Book


Practical Spanish – Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels with audio to follow transcript.

Listening Dialogue Videos

Easy Language – Native language conversation with subtitles, multiple dialects.
LingusTV – Videos with transcript
University of Texas at Austin – Spanish proficiency exercises.


Hablemos Espanol – Podcast in Spanish, slang, interesting things in Mexico
News in Slow Spanish – News in “Slow” Spanish with transcripts

Lecture Videos

Butterfly Spanish – Short lectures on a variety of topics.
Señor Jordan – Short lectures, songs, and kids.
Professor Jason – Lectures on all levels.

Language Exchange or Instruction

italki – Language instruction, language exchange, and writing correction.
HelloTalk – Social media language exchange application.
Language Transfer – Free Audio Classes
My Language Exchange – Language exchange.


Easy Cooking with Sandy – Recipe videos in Spanish