Madrid’s Golden Mile is the reference for luxury shopping in Madrid. It is located within the Salamanca district and its precise location is a thing of constant debate these days. Originally it was a small part of Calle Ortega y Gasset street (previously known as Calle Lista street), between the Plaza del Marques de Salamanca square and La Castellana street. However, recently it’s more of a radius golden mile since many luxury stores have opened around the Salamanca district area.

Among the famous luxury stores in Ortega y Gasset Street you will find: Versace (at number 10), Hermès (no. 12), Dolce & Gabbana (no. 12), Chanel (no. 14), Giorgio Armani and Valentino (at number 16), Louis Vuitton (no. 17), Boss (no. 22), Cartier and Gucci (at the corner with Serrano Street) and much more… Don’t worry about using only cash for your purchases, Spain is a friendly country towards the use of cash, even in large amounts. I was surprised to see many friends and locals use cash more than plastic to buy anything here. Do not forget that tourist can get their sales-tax off their purchases (following a small procedure) and it makes a lot of sense to do it if you shop in any of these stores.

I enjoy walking around these streets for their architecture, restaurants and the beautiful way the stores arrange their window displays. It is most likely that you will encounter famous people walking and shopping around the block. This part of the city is extremely secure, so do not be afraid of walking and partying at night in the neighbourhood.

Happy Shopping!!!

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Gucci - Madrid Golden Mile -



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