La Trainera restaurant is one of the best classic fish restaurants to eat in Madrid.  Over many decades La Trainera has won its reputation by offering the freshest seafood in Madrid.  They literally bring you the fish directly from the sea onto your plate because they have their own boats, fish farms, fish markets and transportation.

They try to simulate a fisherman’s boat-house with its sailor ambiance.  Therefore, do not expect a luxury type of look in this restaurant.  Local customers of La Trainera come for their fresh dishes…  The service is old-school and impeccable due to their staff´s experience and professionalism.  The restaurant has many private dining rooms of different sizes hence local politicians and business men tend to eat there.

I would not say that it is inexpensive to dine there, but I truly believe that you pay for the value you get.  I have been going to La Trainera for more than a decade and most of the times I get a delicious battered Hake (Merluza rebozada). For me good fish has to be cooked the simplest way.  I usually have a fish dish, a salad, some wine, dessert and coffee and pay no more than 50 euros.  Nonetheless, if you enjoy seafood and drink expensive wines plan for at least double per person.

I would like to thank all of the employees at La Trainera for letting me take pictures and treating me so well the morning I was there.  I was surprised that they let me go in their kitchen and take pictures, that tells you a lot about the cleanliness of the restaurant and how they have nothing to hide.  Especially thankful with Don Jesus (the Maitre) and Don Pablo (the chef) for their time and help.

If you truly enjoy fish, La Trainera is a must when you come to visit Madrid…



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