For the last couple of decades “Calle Fuencarral” (or Fuencarral Street) has become one of the main references for alternative and modern shopping in Madrid. Fuencarral Street begins at Gran Via Street (the most touristic street in Madrid) and goes all the way through Glorieta de Bilbao Square. After 2009, Most of Fuencarral Street was made pedestrian and this made it incredibly safe and fun to walk around.

Originally there were mainly gothic, grungy and transgressor stores, but these days you can also find more commercial hip brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Diesel, Quiksilver, etc… Do not walk only the main street; try to walk some of the intersecting streets since you can find boutique stores with different and original merchandise. The neighbourhood is not only famous for clothing and accessories, but also for a great number of silverware shops in the area.

Fuencarral Street crosses from south to north the trendy wards of Chuecas and Malasaña, making the Street not only an excellent place to shop but also to eat and party. On the actual main street of Fuencarral there are primarily shops but if you move around the neighbourhood, you will find interesting and diverse places to dine. One of the things that I most like about the area in general is its diverse and multicultural environment that makes it rich and so alive.

Walking and shopping around Fuencarral Street is an experience for all ages and types of people (ex. Families, singles, lovers, students, etc.). Even if your trip to Madrid is a short one, I would definitely advise you to walk around Fuencarral Street if you are planning to do some shopping.



Adolfo Dominguez - Fuencarral Street -



Glam - Fuencarral Street -



Adidas - Fuencarral Street -



Press Kiosk - Fuencarral Street -



Blanco - Fuencarral Street -



Coffee Shop - Fuencarral Street -



Comptoir Des Cotonniers - Fuencarral Street -



Custo - Fuencarral Street -



Diesel - Fuencarral Street -



Baisha - Fuencarral Street -



Fornarina - Fuencarral Street -



Kiehl s - Fuencarral Street -



L Occitane - Fuencarral Street -



Quiksilver - Fuencarral Street -



Subway Entrance - Fuencarral Street -



Taxi Stop - Fuencarral Street -



VAS - Fuencarral Street -



VAS Bike - Fuencarral Street -



YKN - Fuencarral Street -


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