Casa Zaca Restaurant – La Granja (Segovia)

 Located in the center of La Granja or the Royal site of San Ildefonso you can eat at Casa Zaca. Hundreds of years ago the building was used as a Coaching Inn (or Mail Coach-House) and also offered meals to travelers. However, in the 40´s Mr. Zacarias Peinador opened its doors to a restaurant; cooking for us the traditional dishes of the local cuisine.

Before coming to this beautiful town, I asked a friend that lives there where was the best place to eat at La Granja. Without hesitation, my friend recommended as his number one choice: Casa Zaca. Therefore, a couple of weeks ago (dec-2012) I went and tried for the first time Casa Zaca’s delicious dishes. They have many dishes that are based on local foods, such as: lamb (cordero), piglet (cochinillo), local beans (judiones de la granja) and others. However, I am a soup-like dishes lover, therefore, I tried the local beans called Judiones. The Judion is a pretty big bean, about one and a half inch long by one inch thick. These beans are cooked in a stew with spanish brown sauce and different types of pork sausages; it’s simply delicious!

Overall a great culinary experience and it was not that expensive. I recall we paid about 40 euros per person including a decent wine. I was enjoying so much eating that I forgot to shoot many pictures…



Street View - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Sign View - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Main Entrance - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Entrance Hallway - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Cash Register - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Table - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Bar - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Pacharan and coffee - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Finish meal table - Casa Zaca Restaurant -



Wood Horse - Casa Zaca Restaurant -


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    i know you are still working on this page but so far looks awesome! Can’t wait to discover through your blog new places and a little bit more of a country that is more diverse and beautiful than anyone could ever imagine. Congrats!

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