Hi! I´m Imanol and I would like to share My Spanish Experience with you…

I live in one of the most visited countries in the world and I believe that Spain has great things to offer to its visitors. Creating this photo-blog is more of a hobby to me than anything else and a way to share and show you through my camera the way I experience things in this wonderful country.

I want you to discover Spain the way I am doing so in my everyday life.  In every corner you can find a piece of history from its monuments and museums to its diverse regional cuisine and wine-growing regions.  This country is blessed with mostly sunny days throughout the year and tourists can enjoy its sea coast, mountains, and great nightlife.  Spain has the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world and I’m sure you will have a unique and exceptional experience here which I hope to be able to show you in this blog.  In Spain there is always something to celebrate and its people value a superb quality of life and the joy of Living!!!

Feel free to drop me a line or to leave a comment on any of the posts.  Constructive criticism and suggestions to improve the blog are greatly appreciated and welcome.

Enjoy my Pics !!!

Imanol Urquizu

PS. I would like to Thank all the people that help me make this blog possible…

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